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What people are saying about Mathias...

"All in all, Up Next is an entertaining album—and a suitable showcase for this youthful newcomer's impressive and multifaceted yet still developing talents. Given Lattin's obvious musical savy and tender age, it seems safe to hope, if not assume, that his best work lies ahead." - Living Blues #289
"Don’t miss this one. It’s that good."
“Lattin’s guitar playing and songwriting are the real drawing cards”

Living Blues

“...there’s enough promise here to mark him as an artist to watch.”
"The album’s fusion of blues, jazz, and soul elements, coupled with Lattin’s exceptional guitar work and impressive production skills, makes it a compelling listen."
“It was time for Texas to offer us a credible alternative to its long line of SRV clones... With Mathias Lattin and his blues mixed with jazz harmonies and groovy swing, a new page in the history of the Lone Star State seems to be about to be written.”
"When you see him perform live you will soon realize why Frank “Lil Scrap” Robinson had this to say about him:  “The future of the blues is in good hands with Mathias Lattin.  He is a gentleman and a scholar and has proven himself worthy to be the frontman he is.”"
“He is a very talented young guitarist, with touches of BB & Freddie in his style along with a fine, soulful voice.” …”an album of excellent Blues with some rocky numbers and a touch of soul to sweeten the pot.” …”a grand debut.”
“Mathias is a special musician and very refreshing to these ears.”..."I will probably give this a 10+ on Blues Content and a 10+ on Music Content."
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